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  • What happens when buying a note in bankruptcy?
    Replied September 20, 2018
    @Chad Urbshott I've had some BK13 plans actually get confirmed right away at about the three month mark. I also have had payments sent to me before the plan was confirmed withou... See more
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  • 4 unit assuming mortgage
    Replied September 20, 2018
    @Jestin Sorenson It appears that you're using "assume" and "subject to" interchangeably. They are very different.To "assume" a loan means that you are getting the current lender... See more
    Reply 1 replies
  • I have very cheap rent, does house hacking even make sense?
    Replied September 20, 2018
    @Jeff Lundeen I like to look at my personal residence separately from my investments. Quality of life is separate for me. My wife and I were at odds at one time because I wanted... See more
    Reply 3 replies

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