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  • Tenant asking for bug treatment
    Replied May 17, 2018
    I send an exterminator for many bugs.  But for spiders, killing their webs is the most effective method.  For ants, just  give them a few bottles of RAID or other ant treatment.   See more
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  • Help with landlord laws
    Replied May 17, 2018
    There needs to be notice to go into the interior of the property, unless there is a claimed emergency.For the outside of the property, probably he can show up unannounced.  It i... See more
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  • What to do after a NNN Lease ends?
    Replied May 16, 2018
    Good question.  Many of the structures are not usable again.  So the most sought after NNN leases are stable, high credit tenants, with longevity - Walgreens, for example.   So,... See more
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