Stephen Barton

27 August 2015

Ben has been amazing to work with. He is just so giving of his time and energy to help others. The way he actually cares about sellers and how they are treated is a real testament to his character. His knowledge of the current market trends and his ability to network and analyze deals is second to none. I actually asked him to help me analyze a deal that I wanted to do with my own money and I had all the confidence in the world with Ben being my guide. I could not get the seller to the price I needed to buy this deal and thankfully working with Ben saved me from making a bad decision. As a fellow wholesaler myself who is technically in competition with Ben I am amazed that we can both collaborate and find ways to work together. If you are thinking of taking your money and investing in a decision based on Ben's opinion-you will do well! I highly recommend working with Ben any chance you get. It is an honor to get to work with such a man of his character and integrity.

Shawn Holsapple

27 August 2015

Ben is one of the best wholesalers I know. He is very reputable, knowledgeable and honest. For over 2 years I've seen him start as a new, eager, investor to develop into a full time investor. I love doing business with him!

Jerry Puckett

08 August 2014

Jerry has been instrumental to helping me achieve my goals as a real estate investors. He helped me get over the analysis paralysis that many new investors deal with, and helped me implement a successful direct mail campaign that resulted in multiple deals.

Stephen Barton

27 August 2015

Stephen is another wholesaler just like myself in the Indianapolis market. I compete on a regular basis with Stephen. However, I always let my seller's know that if they are working with Stephen then they are in great hands. Guys like Stephen are hard to find in the business of wholesaling. He treats both his sellers and his buyers with honesty and respect. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to question Stephen's motives in a deal. He operates his business with integrity.

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