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  • Using a HELOC to quickly pay off your mortgage?
    Replied August 20, 2018
    Hey there My 5cents , just pay more every month, it’s the simplest way ,paying a 30yr in 5y just means your paying all the principle (as extra payments) in a short amount of tim... See more
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  • Multi Family Property
    Replied July 16, 2018
    Hi Raymond , my thoughts is a lot of the multi family built now are condos or apartment complexes usually not for sale , anything else I seen are renovations. See more
    Reply 6 replies
  • Does more parking add value to a property?
    Replied April 5, 2018
    I believe having off street parking does give more value, as I would not buy a house that doesn’t have it and would pay more for similar property with parking  and most tenants ... See more
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