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  • Wholesalers, Investors, Realtors
    Replied August 10, 2018
    That seems easily attainable at that price point. The zip codes you chose can have some higher pricing compared to other zip codes in Jacksonville, But, I think it is fairly att... See more
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  • First House Hack!!! Jacksonville Florida duplex
    Replied August 9, 2018
    Good for you! Thats a good start! Especially in Avondale area. You might can repeat that even cheaper if you go toward western 32210 ,32221 and other zips less trendy but more a... See more
    Reply 1 replies
  • Wholesaling to real state agents
    Replied August 7, 2018
    @kicia Brooks,Generally nowadays a good realtor or broker will request proof of funds, yes. See more
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