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I partnered with my ex to build a 3600 sq ft 2 story home on 4 acres for $60 k diy and the barter system as he was an electrician bartering amongst other contractors for plumbing, hvac, framing, and just about every process involved in building a house. I then bought 5 acres for 10 k and it was a perfect rectangle with even frontage wider than depth. I had it resurveyed into 5-1 acre lots and sold them all for $7500 & each owner financed. I then bought a commercial lot for 17k and held onto it a few years then sold it for 55k owner financed..I never stepped foot on any of the land I just had to do paperwork. It was the easiest $ I ever made. We have since aquired 6 sfr properties of which 4 are paid off, 3 are income producing, 1 is a primary residence and 2 are tax deed properties still in quiet title process. We have been landlords since 2004. I prefer land by far! When you find the right land, It is a lot less work. We have rehabbed 4 properties in recent years. Still have a day job with USPS 28 years. I started a Facebook group posting 9 county local foreclosure and tax deed auctions in and around Jacksonville Florida. I started it because I had to give my 18 year old brother 26k out of a family probate rehab we just did & I wanted him to invest it wisely. I post all the online and live at the court house tax deed and foreclosure auctions and 3rd party results for Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, Purnam & St John's COUNTIES to N.E. FLORIDA COUNTIES REAL ESTATE AUCTION INFORMATION on Facebook. Join if you want. I am not a huge Facebook fan but young people are now watching and are inspired to invest., So I will keep it going . Plus if you pay attention, you won't miss an auction and following results teaches you alot. We also want to add AirBNB to our portfolio by a purchase on St Croix USVI.

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