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30YF & a good interest rate. I am not a hard money lender. But, I'll keep you out of one if it's at all possible! :)

Get the Ultimate California Mortgage Cell Phone App, or refer me to someone you care about that is buying/refinancing in California:

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Once upon a time, many real estate investors and would-be landlords were held up by seemingly nonsensical mortgage guidelines.

Every day real estate investors (REI) were told that their debt-to-income (DTI) ratio didn't work, that they had inadequate reserves, they didn’t have two years of rental income showing on their tax returns, or that they had too much “rapid acquisition” of real estate.

Because of that, I started sharing raw mortgage guidelines and raw mortgage math with REI. This stuff isn’t rocket science, maybe they can help me help them figure it out for themselves!

Because of that, many REI have had much more success than they otherwise would have had, had they been forced to use hard money, or not been able to close the deal at all.

Until finally I decided that I’d simply go ahead and build my entire business model on transparency and communication.

Click on the link below, fill out the "apply now!" portion, and then send me a quick email with your story & goals, and I'll have what we need to have an informed conversation over the phone or in person about how to give your story a happy ending and help you achieve your goals.

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