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  • Affordable Dallas area escrow?
    Replied June 18, 2018
    You may do better than VA loan depending on your income and where you buy.   Sometimes the fees are killer there.If you're getting a loan, likely they will require title insuran... See more
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  • Dallas Craigslist Real Estate
    Replied June 15, 2018
    It's a tool.  Just one of many tools.  I get hits off of it for all kinds of different postings.  Meeting one tenant tonight.  However be aware that this is where we send the te... See more
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  • Realtor must list and open to public for bids?
    Replied June 15, 2018
    Watch for it on HUD home store?   Are you sure it is a HUD?Can you have your realtor contact their realtor? See more
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