Peter MacKercher

20 May 2015

Dev gave me advice for a direct mail campaign I was constructing. He shone light on a good path to take by sharing his expertise marketing in the single family mailing campaign realm. I definitely recommend him. Good guy, glad to have him on BiggerPockets.

Brian Gibbons

25 August 2015

We buy houses is an awesome brand but what makes the marketing business special is Dev Horn. Every day I try to help my real estate investing students make money in real estate. Some are "Newbies", some are experienced wholesalers needing to broaden their "toolbox" of solutions to include sub2, wraps, land contracts, private lending, joint ventures with home sellers and more. The phone needs to ring, if it doesn't rain my students can't make much money. I have my students watch Dev Horn's videos about marketing and about the wholesaling business. Most importantly I have them watch his videos because he is not a one trick pony, (that is only providing a cash offer for Wholesaling), rather he advocates being a "solutions provider" creating multiple solutions for sellers. I love Dev's easy-going manner and the ability to be clear and straight ahead in "the problem" and "the solution" I encourage anybody who is a wholesaler to go to Dev to get the marketing done so that you have a great friend and a great coach and getting the phone ring with a respected brand. Sincerely, Brian Gibbons

Bret Nida

22 June 2016

Bret Nida is an accomplished real estate professional. He's an exclusive licensee of our brand in the Charleston, WV area. Bret has helped a lot of people in West Virginia, and he's one of the most innovative thinkers you will meet. Whether you are an home seller or investor, you should reach out to Bret.

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