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  • National Do Not Call-How to avoid fees and penalties?
    Replied May 20, 2018
    @Marc Afzal I only call FSBOs and FRBOs, anyone else gets either a knock on the door or a postcard.I did look very seriously into large scale telemarketing but here in Canada ev... See more
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  • $1 million to invest, what would you do? Strategies?
    Replied May 18, 2018
    @AJ Dhillon @Matt Geerts can give you more insight into the London market. I do rent to own on single family homes so I'm dealing with buyer-mentality rather than renter-mentali... See more
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  • Nervous and discouraged
    Replied May 18, 2018
    @Metta Marie Read everything you can on this site about marketing for and negotiating with motivated sellers. Motivated sellers don't care about your background, your finances, ... See more
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