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  • Bakersfield real estate trends
    Started April 3, 2017
    It has been one year and we have some data:Kern County prices are up 7.7 YOY Kern County home sales are up 20.9%Not a bad year.With prices of existing homes rising to over $140/... See more
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  • Military Member moving to Lancaster/Cali City/Tehachapi Area
    Replied July 17, 2018
    Of those choices, I would absolutely choose Tehachapi as a place to live.  I like the mountains/foothills.  There are local real estate investing networking groups that could he... See more
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  • People are fleeing California, are you?
    Replied June 10, 2018
    Do you live in California? : YESHave you lived in California in the past 5 years? YES, born and raised in IE, moved to AZ for school, and moved back to CA.If so, where? - I am ... See more
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Over the years I have read many articles on the benefits of mobile home investing. The biggest draw is the low cost of entry and high potential returns. In this article, I will specifically be talk...