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  • Protecting your home when you own raw land
    Replied September 17, 2017
    Originally posted by @Jeff A.: I would at least post sign that you are responsible for person trespassing on the property.  Not fool proof, but might stop someone from trying t... See more
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  • Texas & Florida post-Hurricane, Now What?
    Replied September 17, 2017
    @Brian Foster...and that's a very, very sad LSU Houston fan group this morning after the whoppin' Miss State put on them last night.  ;-)But, I digress...... See more
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  • Commercial Office Space Investing
    Replied September 1, 2017
    @Nick Leamon...I think Jason Hirko hit the highlights well.  I have a 7500 sq ft office property with four tenants in SC, and the difference is mine are on modified gross leases... See more
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