Sepehr B.

02 September 2013

I worked with Jeff this year on a syndication of a large multi-family property in Texas. He is a great partner and possesses exceptional leadership and under-writing qualities. Jeff knows how to provide crystal clear instructions to the team and is supportive every step of the way throughout the syndication process. Also, he has a good sense of humor that makes him a pleasure to work with. I learned a lot from Jeff and his partner Dee, especially on how to analyze and conservatively under-write multi-family properties. Even though we ended up walking away from that particular deal, I feel like I am more prepared to take on the next acquisition thanks to his teachings. I recommend Jeff to any investor who wants to work with a talented and diligent syndicator

Jeff Berlin

27 March 2016

As a newbie to multi-family property investments, I found myself under contract with a 33 unit building in Cincinnati Ohio. I looked for guidance from an experienced investor, so I turned to Jeff Greenberg. Jeff was beyond helpful throughout this grueling 2 month process. He helped me discover "that you don't know what you don't know." Jeff's knowledge, experience, and general willingness to give and then give more more, made my first investment go very smoothly. His experience helped me during the due diligence phase as he guided me through all the necessary steps and actions to determine if it was truly a deal and the right investment to park some hard-earned money. Most importantly, I was able to avoid the many pitfalls that I would have found myself in without his advice. He truly opened my eyes to the wonderful world of multi-family investments. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a quality and experienced syndicator. He is caring, thoughtful, and very smart! He is someone who really has investors best interests at heart.

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