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  • Outlet in HVAC Closet
    Replied May 23, 2018
    Those are dedicated 30-amp circuits and splicing anything into them is guaranteed to be against code, potentially a fire hazard, and will void your homeowner's insurance if ther... See more
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  • Getting into REI with the odds in your favor?!
    Replied May 22, 2018
    @Alexander FeliceI think successful people do keep secrets to their success stories. Secrets that make them look bad. Secrets about quite a few reprehensible or unethical things... See more
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  • Contractors looking at it like there making me rich
    Replied May 22, 2018
    @Joshua D.Would your time be best spent teaching others how to swing a hammer? What I mean is that we're structured much like a small construction company, not an investment out... See more
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