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  • Hello I am Sheldon and this is my plan.
    Replied April 11, 2018
    I don't give advice, but you do have some options. At this very moment, one good option could be the use of your cousin's credit to buy and flip a couple properties, just to bui... See more
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  • Exploring Salt Lake City, Utah - advice for first-timer
    Replied April 11, 2018
    Hi Kali. Welcome to BP and to Utah. I'm from San Diego and I lived in hawaii for several years so I know a bit about those expensive markets. I've been living and investing in U... See more
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  • First Rental- basic math
    Replied March 8, 2018
    A common saying in RE investing is, "The easiest way to make a million bucks is to borrow a million bucks and let other people pay it back." It looks like that's your strategy w... See more
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