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  • It's Feeling a Lot Like 2007
    Replied August 18, 2018
    IDK could be 2007 but IMO it is not the same as before. Even if it was it might just be a speed bump according to this chart.  See more
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  • Anyone Buying Class-A Single Family Homes?
    Replied August 16, 2018
    There was a podcast with the co author of the Keller Williams RE book, who felt these type tenants suited his lifestyle more so than the lessor property classes. I think there a... See more
    Reply 82 replies
  • Investing OOS, first time investor.
    Replied August 15, 2018
    Originally posted by @Eric Levy: With so much information out there, I'm a bit overwhelmed with choosing a market to invest in. I want to invest for cash flow, preferably MF. S... See more
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Member Blog Why you should buy in a Hipster Area - Hello Brooklyn - Silverlake

I was reading an older post from 2013 as I do. I am not sure how many posts I have read but I feel like I have a BA in BP at this point. In one older post it talked about some new hipster areas and...

Member Blog Where do landlords actually make money? The real monthly numbers...

You can make money in city. Some on average more than others obviously. Most of this is your local circumstances but it good to know what those are. Check out the Zillow link and partial chart belo...

Member Blog Can you cash flow more renting out a car than renting out a house?

I see some investors on BP really focus on initial cash flow and when running a business this makes total sense. I recently rented out a car I bought ( $3500 all in ) with a service like airbnb for...