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  • totally new HVAC system or replace boiler?
    Replied May 26, 2018
    @Nancy ZhaoWhile heat-pumps (either air to air or air to water) are wonderful  - we use them quite extensively - those of us in climates which experience *real* winter are norma... See more
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  • Drug bust in one of my units, can I give them the boot?
    Replied May 25, 2018
    @David TiemannIf they are month-2-month can you not simply terminate the lease in your jurisdiction ( i.e. serve them a Notice of Termination now and they will be out by June 30)? See more
    Reply 9 replies
  • totally new HVAC system or replace boiler?
    Replied May 25, 2018
    @Harrison CookA stick built house from 1960 is not terribly old  ... definitely young enough that one would expect to find finned hydronic baseboards and not cast-iron radiators... See more
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