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  • Reimbursement for blinds??
    Replied August 9, 2018
    Not a dime...... NEVER pay for stuff the tenant does to "improve" the property without your permission..... NEVER..... EVER..... you will set a disastrous precedentIf an owner w... See more
    Reply 13 replies
  • Inheriting Tenants with 1 YR Lease and Well Below Market Rent
    Replied August 9, 2018
    The lease stays in place with the inherit it, so there is no change with the change in ownershipRun your numbers based on the current situation and lease..... then ru... See more
    Reply 28 replies
  • Morris Invest Case Study 3.0
    Replied August 9, 2018
    I'm still getting the email from Morris apparently this guy is still chugging away with his marketing machine See more
    Reply 91 replies

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