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  • Hiring a Architect
    Replied September 24, 2018
    It should not be a complicated process. He'll give you a proposal and should outline all of his services, milestones, and deliverables. Try to break-up the fee by phase. Your ar... See more
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  • To MBA or Not to MBA
    Replied September 24, 2018
    I got my MBA while working fulltime. It was brutal. I went to Cal Berkeley and tried to focus as much as possible on Real Estate. I still had to take a ton of "general ed" MBA c... See more
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  • Do I need Builders risk Insurance - Fix and Flip
    Replied September 24, 2018
    Review your homeowner's policy about claims that occur during construction if you're going to occupy during work. Don't rely on your GC's coverage for losses. You may be able to... See more
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