Lakshay G.

25 May 2018

Nicole has been such a huge help with my first rental deal. I met her through BP as she lives in same area as I do. It all started with her input on one of my asked questions in the forums. Since then she was always quickly responsive via email to my questions/concerns and I had a fare share of those. We met over coffee to analyze a second rental property while she was helping me with my first existing deal. I was able to close my first rental property and up until the tenant signing the lease, she was consistently in touch with me and in fact, it was so nice of her that she came out at my rental house and chose to stay until the process was finished. It was almost like I had a partner in my first deal because her experience put my mind at peace so many times as I was a newbie in the world of RE. Thank You again Nicole, for being such a huge help and I have and always will respect for you!

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