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  • Morris Invest and Clayton Morris Review
    Replied July 13, 2018
    I listened to his podcast for a while, and kinda considered buying a house from him, under the impression it was 1) already renovated, 2) was already occupied. I never got to th... See more
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  • How Much to Keep Liquid?
    Started February 21, 2018
    Hey, guys. I want to know how much money you keep available for contingencies on your SFR rentals.I have two SFR's, with a third (current residence) to be rented within a year. ... See more
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  • IRRRL Refinance now - still able to refinance VA to conv. later?
    Replied February 21, 2018
    I did the IRRRL a year or so ago. The numbers made sense for me, and made a property profitable that was just breaking even for about 4 years. The cool part was they let me do t... See more
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