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  • Buy a primary residence or rental property?
    Replied November 22, 2015
    Shamim ToufighianCongrats on embarking on this adventure! It's tough and you definitely want to begin with a solid foundation of education. If you're looking at a 4 plex and the... See more
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  • How to Search the Marketplace - Updated!
    Replied November 2, 2015
    Your awesome @Mindy Jensen! Sorry if it was there along and I didn't know it. I definitely appreciate the image capture for instruction! Thank you! Paige  See more
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  • Questions about living in, fix up investments.
    Replied November 1, 2015
    HI Marcus,In considering what to do next- I would definitely consider what strategy you are trying to master. Perhaps you buy another foreclosure and use the refinance cash as m... See more
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