Matthew Arreola

12 January 2017

Colin was a huge help on my recent acquisition. I found a very rough FSBO in exactly the right neighborhood, but I had a hard time reaching the seller and difficulties understanding them. Colin went above and beyond to get and keep in contact with the seller and negotiate a fair purchase price.

Anthony Lucent

26 April 2017

Colin helped my wife and I find our first investment property, a multi-family house hack right in the heart of historic Manitou Springs. We absolutely drove him nuts with problems and questions during our search but he was always patient and professional. When things dont go to plan hes cool as a cucumber and will always give you advice on how to pivot to your advantage. I would, and do, recommend you give him a call!

Darren Smith

29 June 2015

I can personally attest to Darren successfully flipping homes in Colorado Springs. Darren is an individual with a high level of integrity who will make sure he does right by everyone he works with. His homes are remodelled properly to provide a beautiful and functional home to his end buyers.

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