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  • General raw land investing question- new member
    Replied April 30, 2018
    Hi @Teren Cooley - are there any specific questions or issues you're trying to figure out at this stage of the game? If you're feeling stuck on anything in particular, perhaps o... See more
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  • First Land Wholesale Deal
    Replied March 14, 2018
    When I see a creek running through a property of that size (i.e. - a property that is most ideally used for building some type of home), it's usually an automatic "no" for me. W... See more
    Reply 3 replies
  • Due Diligence for Your first Land Investment
    Replied February 20, 2018
    Due diligence is always a good conversation to have in the land business. Looks like your list is off to a good start. Some other things I would add (which may be less of an iss... See more
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