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  • Mortgage Notes count as income?
    Replied May 25, 2018
    Originally posted by @Kyle Tolbert: Hello,I just sold one of my property and carry a note "$750K" with 8% interest rate. So the buyer is paying me $5,500 a month for 30 years. ... See more
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  • Seller’s Preliminary Disclosure Form Question
    Replied May 25, 2018
    Sounds like this is someone's first rodeo either on the title side or the sales side. That's stepping into the deep end of the pool without floaties if you ask me (I ... See more
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  • Multifamily pre foreclosure
    Replied May 25, 2018
    The bank will not speak with you. There is no contact at the bank for you. There is nothing that you can say and unless you can pay cash for the property, there is no creative w... See more
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