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  • Finding the owner of a vacant property
    Replied May 27, 2018
    @Lavell Black The County Assessor’s office will have that info. In your county (Maricopa), it’s available online here: See more
    Reply 3 replies
  • Nightmare Tenant: Help!
    Replied May 27, 2018
    What exactly is your question? Your post is all over the place. Is she current on rent? Why is her background check relevant if you already accepted her as a tenant? Is she even... See more
    Reply 8 replies
  • Can you wholesale a trust property
    Replied May 27, 2018
    There are different types of trusts (i.e. revocable, irrevocable, etc) and different reasons for using them (i.e. estate planning, anonymity, etc).  You can also hold pretty muc... See more
    Reply 1 replies

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