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  • 401k scam or not? Taking the plunge..
    Replied September 29, 2017
    Solo 401k has been mentioned, and that is a good option if you have or could create some self employment earned income in order to qualify. I would also add that even if this is... See more
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  • Is it a good time to sell in Orange County
    Replied September 25, 2017
    Originally posted by Account Closed: Originally posted by @David Faulkner:I'm not necessarily saying that now is not a good time to sell, but just know that "out of state" is w... See more
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  • Minimum estimated cashflow
    Replied September 6, 2017
    IMO, you need to be underwriting to IRR, not CoCR ... your market does not appear to even keep up with inflation, so great looking CoCR is not likely to look so great in 10+ yea... See more
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In Real Estate as in Basketball: Offense is sexy, but defense will get you to the playoffs. By holding quality, cash flowing, appreciating, and responsibly leveraged real estate over the long term,...