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  • New in Killeen/Ft Hood TX area
    Replied June 10, 2018
    Hi Eric,  i think I'm uniquely qualified to talk on this subject.  I'm a 20 year retired Air Force member and I am very involved with RE investing with a distinct focus on duple... See more
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  • Rent or Sell within 2/5's rule
    Replied May 24, 2018
    Originally posted by @Greg H.:@Joe Scaparra  However, I am surely NOT going to give you the benefit of my nearly 30 years of expertise as to where to find properties.  Virtuall... See more
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  • eviction who is responsible
    Replied May 24, 2018
    How many of you giving advice on evictions have ever done it here in TEXAS!  From your answers here it appears to be none of you.  The first duplex i bought i had to evict a ten... See more
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