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  • Should I pull the trigger on this deal?
    Replied July 21, 2018
    First you have to define your goal.    Are you looking for long term cash flow using buy and hold.  If so this might be an excellent opportunity.  However, if your looking for s... See more
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  • Help me analyze this deal
    Replied July 5, 2018
    Joel, 1st property, right!  If after you run the numbers, your monthly out of pocket is cheaper than renting then this is a good opportunity to get started.  Also run the number... See more
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  • Advice to invest in Austin, TX Townhouse
    Replied July 1, 2018
    @Matt Millard My brother lives in Flower Mound and owns two duplexes in Lewisville.  Yeah they are harder to find but they can be found.  Network and keep looking. See more
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