Chelsea McKenzie

15 March 2017

Thanks to Shawn for making investing in Milwaukee a success. He was very knowledgeable and easily accessible through the whole purchasing process. He was well connected and was helpful in connecting all parties involved. He checked in on a daily basis to make sure the deal was going as everyone wanted. He presented a great deal with great ROI. I would highly recommend working with Shawn in any aspect of investing in Milwaukee.

Daniel Hanson

18 March 2017

Shawn did a great job putting together a Milwaukee deal and shepherding us through the purchase process. His connections, knowledge, and follow-through were very helpful. We will continue to look for future deals with his involvement.

Michael Henry

11 January 2017

Michael Henry is an excellent resources to have in the Milwaukee WI market. He is very knowledgeable and has a dedicated team to assist with anything from tenant placement to rehab projects. With Mike your in good hands.

Brandon Reinhardt

15 June 2017

I've had the pleasure to work with Brandon on multiple real estate deals in the Milwaukee WI market. Brandon is very easy to work with and has a great understanding of buy and hold real estate investing. Brandon is involved with a large real estate portfolio in California but has successfully established his footing in other real estate markets around the country. If your looking to establish a solid relationship with someone who is actively involved in real estate acquisitions, Brandon is a solid resource.

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