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  • Buying a flat in Italy - Considerations?
    Replied May 15, 2018
    Italian Real Estate market is still going down, Especially for vacancy houses.Babyboomers bought second houses in the '70. At the time they used to have 1 month vacation and str... See more
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  • Investing in Italy Airbnb"s abroad and taxation
    Replied May 15, 2018
    The US Italy double taxation treaty stated that the income taxes from Real Estate have to be payed to country where the House is.  See more
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  • Purchasing a property in Italy
    Replied May 15, 2018
    Originally posted by @Stuart Grazier:@Joseph Nichol Don't do it! I just moved back from being stationed in Italy and had researched that idea, but there are so many issues with ... See more
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