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  • Using HELOC works best when refinancing BRRRR
    Replied May 19, 2018
    Originally posted by @Cliff Tsang: Bumping this back up. Are others using the HELOC in their BRRR straI started the process last Friday and will continue Monday. I'm checking a... See more
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  • How can i get a HELOC on a rental property?
    Replied May 19, 2018
    Old thread I know, but I'm in Florida and I looked into this on Friday at 3 different Credit Unions. At one the proper manager was not available so I won't know the rules until ... See more
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  • Ever think you were built for real estate?
    Started May 16, 2018
    Spoiler alert: this is pure silliness with a dash of depth.Some were called to be doctors, innovators, engineers, or sheep wolves to protect us all. I now believe I was born to ... See more
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