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  • Finding a CPA for REI
    Replied September 25, 2018
    @Chris M. - my advice is to find a few threads on here that are tax related and look to see the tone and educational nature of a tax professional on here.  You can figure out if... See more
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  • Finding a CPA for REI
    Replied September 25, 2018
    @Eran Withana - Look for value and not at the price.  If you are going to save $10K, $25K, or $100K by developing a tax plan when you first start out, a $2-5K outlay seems prett... See more
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  • LLC Jaclsonville Florida
    Replied September 10, 2018
    @Carolyn Morales - Congrats on starting your real estate investing AND being profitable!  There's never one right tax answer because of your personal situation and how the entit... See more
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Sometimes we as Real Estate Investors only ask what can a CPA do for us? That answer put into simple terms is that a CPA can be a valued addition to your team and can help with tax planning, tax f...

Member Blog Does my CPA have to be local?

In the ultra-connected world we live in, our advisors can be all over. We don’t need to have our financial representative down the street, an insurance agent a few floors up or an accountant toili...

Member Blog Questions as Common as the Cold - LLC

One of the most common question I see on the forums is "Should I form an LLC"?I have a definitive answer for you.  It depends.  I can already hear your groans of oh goodness, one of these forum CPA...