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  • Notifying Tenants I'm Inheriting
    Replied October 19, 2015
    Originally posted by @Edward Stephens: I'm getting ready to inherit a tenant and this thread has been very helpful.  @Tyson Luthy Have you received legal counsel of any kind to... See more
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  • Letting Tenants Slide on the Rent!
    Replied September 14, 2015
    Originally posted by @Steve Rozenberg: The way it was explained to me by a judge is that a lease is a Bi-Lateral agreement between landlord and tenant.If the tenant does not pe... See more
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  • Tenant didn't pay the rent increase
    Replied September 9, 2015
    What does your lease say about late fees, etc.Stick to your lease.If your local law allows you to serve a pay or quit notice, then do it right away.Either you'll get the request... See more
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