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  • PNW investor seeking rental properties
    Replied May 11, 2018
    I'd have to second what Dick Rosen said, it all depends on what you're looking for in each of those areas. There are some good pockets, and then some not so good. Are you lookin... See more
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  • Fix and Flip with Solar Panels in Arizona
    Replied April 21, 2018
    As was said before, I have yet to see a dollar for dollar increase. It does raise the perceived value but not for full price.There was one hedge fund owned property that put sol... See more
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  • 21 Year Old with $100,000 to Invest in Looking For Guidance
    Replied April 20, 2018
    @Joe Splitrock @Jay Richards Agree with what Joe said Jay; your best return would be to first educate yourself in what your passionate about and how to make money at it. You put... See more
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