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  • First Time Home Buyers Grants in NYC... Investor Friendly?
    Replied November 7, 2017
    @Ceasar Rosas is it not possible to use the one of the loan or grant programs offered through SONYMA similar to how investors use FHA then refi? See more
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  • FHA 203K Loan Program.
    Replied July 19, 2017
    @Christopher Phillips whats your opinion on the FHA\203K loan for investors, would you consider this over leveraging? would you suggest a user not invest in distressed propertie... See more
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  • First flip. Best New York insurance?
    Replied July 18, 2017
    @Kedian Jimenez Congrats on closing on you first property!!!  how is the rehab coming along?  From your profile I see that you started off wholesaling how has your experience be... See more
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