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  • How to submeter electrical on the cheap
    Started January 24, 2016
    @Darwin Crawford The company's been around for a minute, and is generally well regarded. Of course, with something like this anything can always happen. @Kevin Manz It comes wit... See more
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  • Revisit your insurance policies every year!
    Started February 3, 2016
    If you have that many properties, you could put together a one sheet for each of them and send out a pdf packet for a quote yearly. That would take a few hours one time and minu... See more
    Reply 9 replies
  • Air Bnb stories / Vacation Homes / rentals
    Replied February 7, 2016
    Originally posted by @Tommy D.: Originally posted by @JT Spangler:Originally posted by @Tommy D.: Originally posted by @Jordan Thompson:I'm looking for experience with vacatio... See more
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