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  • I'm confused on how to value a MHP
    Started December 28, 2016
    Most MHP I see for sale have 60, 70, 80% MHP owned homes.  The sellers show the NOI for the lot rents + rents on the mobile homes, and then CAP that at 10-15% and put it up for ... See more
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  • Chattanooga - could someone help me with SFR comps?
    Started December 7, 2016
    I have 3 houses in Chattanooga side by side, and two in Rossville, GA (also side by side) that are being sold as a package.  I'm curious what the comps on the houses would be so... See more
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  • Running a 20 space MHP remotely...can it be profitable?
    Started November 23, 2016
    I'm familiar with the northwest Georgia area, and there are some good deals for several MHP within a 150 -mile radius of each other.  Most of these parks own the mobile homes th... See more
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