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  • 4Bed/4Bath Condos near NC State
    Replied May 19, 2018
    @Ben Kirchner I have owned several of these over the past decade. They work as great college rentals as you can rent them by the room. And there are a couple solid PM that have ... See more
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  • Inspect Tenant-Occupied Unit
    Replied May 16, 2018
    @Ron Rohrssen I personally wouldn't. If the lease terminates end of June, you are going to walk the property in 45 days anyways. Walking the unit now, and me seeing damage might... See more
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  • No Job with 90K? Office Then Helicopter or Straight to Helicopter
    Replied May 16, 2018
    @Jay Hinrichs I was thinking it couldn't qualify for an FHA loan if he isn't work, and just in school. He could buy all cash. But @Skylar Vincent, by all means, I agree with Jay... See more
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