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  • Blanket Loan for Residential Properties
    Started February 12, 2009
    Curt, Sorry to hear about yoru experience with Kismet. They have been good for me and a few friends. Back when the market freezed up, Eric saved me from a HML who lent me m... See more
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  • Anything I should be aware of?
    Started April 27, 2009
    I am buying a 3 bed 2 bath attached house for 10k cash. House needs 5K in repairs and has an ARV of 45K. If I do a 75% cashout refi, for a mortgage of $33,750, what obstacles ... See more
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  • Commerical Loan to Acquire over $1,000,000 in duplexes
    Started April 15, 2009
    My realtor is putting a deal together for me to acquire a large number of duplexes from a seller (10 to 30 plexes all together (20-60 rental doors)). The duplexes are all fairl... See more
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