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It has been a bit so I had to come back to update!

I’m 44 years and started over with my own company in Aug 2016. I’ve been in the business for MANY years. By starting over and doing it slowly it has helped me to focus more on the needs and redevelopment of my company. I’m rebuilding my own portfolio, have been buying and selling, holding, and flipping real estate for years in Charlotte, NC and a few other states.

The biggest projects to date are completing a 102-unit condo conversion, 136 unit flip, 36 and 52 new construction homes . Currently building 10 to 12 homes a quarter If we find the land . I guess after losing it all and starting over I started to apply just half of what I thought I knew. Still learning every day! What’s funny or shall I also say interesting is when you lose, you learn very quick in this business. Years ago I spent a lot of time traveling internationally and here in the USA. I was more or less teaching simplistic investing and what NOT TO DO in real estate. Now I find I travel, but I also learn and listen to others.

My wife and I live in the country and enjoy the simple life. I absolutely enjoy the simple life now a days. Maybe it’s age or being involved in the rat race so much as to why I now like things slower and simpler. Starting over was tough, but the journey has and still is- Great! Most of my time is working in my garden. When I become completely financially free I want to start a community garden.

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