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  • Recession imminent? Should I sit on sidelines?
    Started August 2, 2018
    I was just in a cafe today reading how a recession is on the horizon in Fortune magazine. Many many factors, most notably the almost inversion of the yield curve (which predicts... See more
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  • Affordable housing / "slum lording"
    Started August 1, 2018
    Interesting perspective I have here. I'm a "numbers guy" and the numbers fooled me into buying a poor property. Had 4 evictions in 3 years. Sold for a huge profit though.The way... See more
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  • Is "urban redevelopment" ever good for private investors?
    Started July 31, 2018
    I bet there are government loans out there for this.So what if you bought an entire block of apartment buildings, filled with section 8. You hire very good managers, fix up the ... See more
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