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  • Rental insurance
    Replied October 14, 2011
    I wouldn't pay more than $600/year for a policy. It should include "loss of rent" in the event the house is damaged and cannot be occupied. Also, make sure there is coverage i... See more
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  • Appliances as "personal property"?
    Replied October 14, 2011
    The simple answer is if it is attached to the house by bolts, screws, hard wiring, pipes, nails or any other way to "permanently" attach it to the house, it becomes a fixture wh... See more
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  • Wholesaling huge deals- ideally commercial
    Replied October 14, 2011
    Tommy, I can appreciate your enthusiasm, but in large commercial deals such as a casino, there are MANY more facets to the deal than with a residential deal. I am not trying t... See more
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