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Sergio Ortega

13 November 2009

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  • Newbie investor interested in notes
    Replied May 18, 2012
    Originally posted by Loc R.:Here's a daisy chain in a nutshell: Legit Seller has a note. Tells Time Waster A about it. Time Waster A gets excited about it, but doesn't have t... See more
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  • Newbie investor interested in notes
    Replied May 17, 2012
    Educate yourself on finding notes, and make sure to stay FAR REMOVED from daisy chains. Make sure the notes you are buying ARE ACTUALLY available and you are not purchasing prod... See more
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  • Letter of Intent to Purchase Real Estate Notes
    Replied May 17, 2012
    In my experiences when I've worked with banks and my investors to close non-performing notes I have never been asked or had to submit a Letter of Intent. My understanding of a l... See more
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