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  • Felon Friendly Rentals
    Replied November 27, 2017
    I understand the dilemma but also know that there are people out there who would make good tenants because they have a less than perfect background.They realize they have fewer ... See more
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  • Unique eviction situation
    Replied November 8, 2015
    I agree with the advice you've been given. If the occupant is in jail it could be argued that he had no way of removing the possessions & might not have received notice of y... See more
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  • What was your job before you went full-time?
    Replied October 12, 2015
    Before I got a "real" job, I worked at a radio station in Louisiana as a Program Director. I had been a DJ in college & people tell me I still have a "radio" voice. Now I am... See more
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