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  • Start-up questions- Any advice?
    Replied August 12, 2013
    Michael, If you're in Chicago, you might find to be a good resource for finding potential leads. Regarding the investor, I would recommend thinking of h... See more
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  • How important are schools when you search for properties?
    Replied August 1, 2013
    Are other properties selling in S. Berwyn? If so, then your property will sell (in today's 2013 market) if you deliver the right product at the right price. If properties in a ... See more
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  • Ways to get ARV on non listed properties
    Replied December 9, 2011
    Originally posted by Shane Woods: Hey Brent, Thanks for posting. I'd LOVE to pay an agent to run comps. Tell me how legally in TX. :) Wish I could. I didn't realize that is... See more
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