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  • Does a landlord need a pickup truck?
    Replied August 31, 2018
    @Josh Lyons Minivan Minivan Minivan! I am rehabbing my first house right now with a 2009 Town and Country and it is PERFECT for the job. Plus, I can make it seat 7 in 2 minutes ... See more
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    Replied August 24, 2018
    Rehab looks great! But I agree with the others here. I don't see any possible way this house cash flows as a rental. Good luck selling! See more
    Reply 4 replies
  • To Carpet or Not to Carpet. That is the Question.
    Started August 12, 2018
    Hi all! Thanks so much for all the input. This is the most feedback I've ever got to a post! Here is what I decided to do: We are going to replace all the carpet for new carpet... See more
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