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  • Highest and best offer on property
    Started August 22, 2018
    Hey I'm making my first run at purchasing a property. Listing price is 129k. I offered 95k because I heard that's something the seller would accept. However that was before the ... See more
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  • Appraisal include repair/ estimate repair cost
    Started August 22, 2018
    Hey BP community, I'm in the process of making my first deal. I'm house hacking so I'm using an FHA loan. The house may need some repairs to be sold as an FHA. How should I go ... See more
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  • First Deal Question multifamily house hack
    Started August 18, 2018
    @Gene Murashko Thanks for the advice. My offer on this triplex is below the value of some duplexes thats been sold recently and the tax accessors value is higher than my offer. ... See more
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