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  • New Western - Wondering if anyone heard of them.
    Replied May 4, 2017
    My experience is somewhat different than a lot of what's posted here. I am certainly not a big player, but I have been investing for more than 10 years and do many deals each y... See more
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  • simplisafe - security for flips? has anyone used it?
    Replied October 20, 2016
    I have used it now on 4 flips and it has worked very well.  Its very easy to install without any wires or holes in the wall.  You need to make sure to get the cellular transmitt... See more
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  • LLC / Due on Sale clause
    Replied October 20, 2016
    This can definitely be done.  You cant walk into a big bank and get a loan done this way because they only want to write "conforming" loans.  You need to go to a small regional ... See more
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