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    Replied June 22, 2018
    Hi @Katie Hendrixson and Welcome to BPWithout any hard numbers, its difficult to really tell you which is better, because it all comes down to cash on cash return. Figure out ho... See more
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  • Planning on Purchasing Duplex in Las Vegas, Any Tips?
    Replied November 28, 2017
    @Yan HuangUnits that cheap that rent for $500 a side are in the ghetto's ghetto. I'd be very careful about what you buy in D Class neighborhoods. The tenants you will attract th... See more
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  • First Rental House, First Step In Financing
    Replied November 23, 2017
    Originally posted by @Drew DeSousa: Christopher-Thanks for the quick reply! I figured it's probably pretty boring and basic stuff but I just want to make sure I'm armed with as ... See more
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