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Chris Goff has been actively investing in real estate for the last 15 years, personally facilitating over 500 deals during that time. His unique approach to investing earned him recognition early on for his ability to create win-win situations and at the same time, avoiding the pitfalls so many investors face. He eventually went to work for Donald Trump owned education company, teaching and writing books for his real estate investing education companies, where he became one of the Nation's most sought after educators in the world of real estate investing. While working for one of the biggest names in Real Estate has its advantages, Chris is an entrepreneur at heart, and decided to return to Texas, where he could do things his own way. Chris believes that while traveling the country and teaching people in big production, weekend events can benefit those who participate, the long term result is much the same as a traveling circus- the excitement is there momentarily, but you're on your own once the performers leave for the next town.

Chris never stops to rest on his laurels, however. He is constantly searching for ways to improve his Real Estate Investing approach as well as his teaching technique, doing what so many people fail to achieve - keeping on top of a constantly fluctuating Market. Chris was recently nominated as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs in America and was invited to do a book collaboration that hit 5 Best Selling lists in just 2 days. Chris was also featured guest expert on the Brian Tracy show that aired on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.

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