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  • New investor in Jacksonville
    Replied March 11, 2013
    I"m an investor here in Jax as well and looking for buy and hold deals here in Jax. Please feel free to include me on anything you obtain for consideration of purchase. Best o... See more
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  • Paying off mortgages for rental property or holding the loan?
    Replied March 10, 2013
    James Friedrichsen you reference your peronsal rental property where you say you basically break even and you say that after 30 years when you look at all the interest "you" pay... See more
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  • Real Estate Investing: CT vs. FL (Pros and Cons)
    Replied March 9, 2013
    Not sure what Ct is like but Florida market is pretty good right now. I guess the question I would have is what are you looking to base your decision on? purely on cash flow, ... See more
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